Abortion is the intentional killing of the human fetus, or the performance of a procedure intentionally designed to kill the human fetus.

Join us as we call upon both the people and the governing authorities of our state to protect the preborn and abolish human abortion.

The Bloodshed is Monumental

Infanticide in the United States has reached a level that is almost impossible to comprehend

Statistics compiled from Planned Parenthood’s own Guttmacher Institute (AGI), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the National Abortion Federation.  The statistical data sheet can be found here. Furthermore, abortion statistics are comprised almost entirely of surgical abortions, leaving out the numbers of chemically-induced abortions (approx. 250 million since 1973), and as a result of IVF (approx. 2,973,096 per year).

Daily Death Toll
Yearly Death Toll
Since Roe v. Wade


Destroying Misinformation

A Thoughtful Critique of Personhood Strategy
March 23, 2017

We recently published a short article expressing some critiques of the Personhood strategy. Though we did not heavily promote that article it has created considerable discussion within the anti-abortion world. This article is a further elaboration upon those themes. We have written these critiques as men who have labored for years within the Personhood movement and who are grateful for the work that has been accomplished through it. Our hope is to simply explain why we no longer advocate for the Personhood strategy, and instead call for abolition through interposition.

How the Pro-life Movement Has Lost Its Way
March 6, 2017

Why do we make the claim that the pro-life movement has lost its way? Consider this: In Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker is pro-life, Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch is pro-life, Speaker of the House Robin Vos is pro-life, and both the Wisconsin legislature and senate are majority republican. There are over 5,000 pro-life churches. Pro-life organizations […]

Wisconsin’s Defiance of Federal Tyranny
March 6, 2017

On the evening of March 10, 1854, two wagons carrying two federal marshals and five other men made their way to a small cabin that was the home of Joshua Glover.  Glover was a runaway slave who had been living in Racine, Wisconsin for about two years. He was known to be a skilled carpenter […]

Our Mission and Vision
February 21, 2017

Abolish Abortion Wisconsin is a new and growing movement that is committed to advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to ending the legal murder of preborn human beings who are made in the image of our God and deserving of our love and protection. We are abolitionists of human abortion.

The Rescue of Joshua Glover and Its Relevance for Today
February 21, 2017

Who was the runaway slave Joshua Glover and what does his story have to do with abortion in Wisconsin and the Gospel of Jesus Christ? “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” – Matt. 25:40 In Milwaukee, over one hundred tiny little […]

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Dissidents of the Culture of Death