Joshua Glover Ceremony and Project - March, 2017

This past March, Abolitionists gathered in Milwaukee for a four day mission with the goal of agitating and educating both the culture at large and Wisconsin’s lesser magistrates. To the general population, a message counteracting the misinformation of what has been deemed “choice” by a culture that practices child sacrifice, and to the magistrates, a call for the total abolition of human abortion through interposition and the defiance of federal tyranny.  Interwoven throughout was the overall message of our King and Savior, Jesus Christ, who has called us to establish justice for the fatherless, “love the least of these”, and proclaim His lordship over all things, through His authority, and through His grace.

Below you will be able to read about the events, watch the videos from the conference and ceremony, and check out the literature prepared especially for the mission.