Abolitionism 101 – A Deal with the Nations
May 11, 2015

This short clip is taken from the Project Nineveh presentation “The Light of the Gospel and the Denial of its Power“.

Abolitionists are those who adopt an uncompromising spirit in the face of prevailing injustices and boldly declare “You shall not fall in with the many to do evil, nor shall you bear witness in a lawsuit, siding with the many, so as to pervert justice” Exodus 23:2.

Professing bodies of religious people have by and large yielded to the political wisdom, pragmatism, and compromise endemic to the conservative political establishment.  The establishment of justice and the practice of pure and undefiled religion has been given over to a coalition of syncretists who not only prefer the worldly wisdom of man to the word of God, but also yoke themselves together with those who want to make a career out of saving babies, regardless of whether or not they love God or possess a worldview capable of grounding ethics and morality. Many of them are nothing but opportunists who have lost their faith and trust in God. They continue to profess their personal Christian piety and beliefs while they pander to the religious bodies of the land for financial support and approval.

They approach the “issue” of abortion from a secular and pluralistic standpoint, denying the power of the Gospel as having anything to do with the fight against abortion except, perhaps, as a secondary issue that might come up in the midst of “saving the babies.”

The effect of forty two years of pro-life organization and action has been to protract the practice of this great evil, and to make its abolition seem insurmountable.

The conservative political establishment, the GOP, the Moral Majority, the crisis pregnancy and pregnancy resource centers, the pro-life para-church ministries, and the hundreds of thousands of local pro-life churches in America have by and large attempted to put band aids on the pervasive practice of child sacrifice.

They have chosen not to call the nation to repent, but instead to vote, send money, attend this or that yearly event, and “choose life” for themselves.