Our Culture’s Blasphemous Assertion
February 1, 2016

Our culture considers the right to kill one’s own children fundamental to “family planning.” We call the right to murder our own sons and daughters “reproductive justice.” We poison our wombs to make them inhospitable for children we might conceive, while we flippantly engage in the act that conceives them.

In the name of treating infertility, we create stockpiles of children who are put aside and abandoned as orphans. We screen our children to determine whether they are worthy of our time, love, and provision. We determine who lives and dies by choosing whether they will be abandoned, butchered, or born.

These are all forms of human abortion practiced within our nation on a daily basis.

At the root of all this injustice is our culture’s blasphemous assertion that children are not a blessing but a choice.

Human Abortion is the intentional extermination of a pre-born human being created in the image of God.

It is the legalized, politicized, and industrialized institution of child sacrifice that has been accepted, embraced, and cherished by our culture at large … and all-too-often ignored by those who claim to respect and value human life.

These practices are part of the atrocious, inhumane backdrop of the world we blithely walk through every day.

The present institutionalized practices of child endangerment, abandonment, and intentional destruction make a mockery of America’s claim to be a land where all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with an inalienable right to life.

These practices are the bad fruit of a nation that has turned its back on God. They demonstrate an utter disregard of the image of God, and they deny the sanctity of human life.

These practices are the judgment of God upon an idolatrous nation full of people who hate Him and deny His existence, and of others who profess to know Him yet disregard His commands and deny the power of His Gospel.

Human abortion is a direct defilement and contradiction of our Savior’s commands to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself.

It is a malignant blight that permeates our entire way of life.

It goes on every minute of every hour of every day in nearly every community of our culture. The intentional destruction of unwanted children is part and parcel of the way we plan our families.

Abortion is not about health care, reproductive justice, or women’s rights.
Abortion is never a necessary evil.
No human life should be sacrificed for the affluence, personal peace, or bodily autonomy of another. And no human being should be put to death for the sin of his father or mother.

Christ Jesus died to set sinners free from their slavery to sin and to provide forgiveness and restoration for all who call upon His Name. As such, no human being should ever be murdered to cover up the sins of another.

Human beings conceived in rape or incest are children created in the image of God, and thus possess the same humanity and rights as all others who bears His image.

This being so, their lives must not be forfeited for the sake of “the many,” or sacrificed in exchange for the “autonomy” of their mothers.

The rapist is the violator of her bodily autonomy; not her innocent child.

Human beings diagnosed with fetal abnormalities, illnesses, or other conditions our culture considers incompatible with a meaningful life also bear God’s image, regardless of how difficult it may be to care for them.

Pre-born human beings are of no lesser value than their mothers in whose wombs they reside, and therefore, in medically questionable situations, the health and safety of both patients ought to be pursued with equal dedication.

Just as a mother would not neglect to nurse her infant child, so also should she not refuse to show compassion to the child of her womb.

The deliberate killing of a child for the purpose of averting some hypothetical negative effect to the mother is an act of murder and should never be considered an acceptable solution for any difficult circumstance.

The idea that abortion is necessary to save a mother’s life is a myth embraced by our culture to justify the mass murder of healthy children developing within the wombs of healthy women.

The practice of in vitro fertilization to facilitate the creation of human beings who are then cryogenically frozen, forgotten, and treated as property is evil and ought to be decried as such.

As slaves in the 19th century were packed onto ships to be sold to the highest bidder, so also embryonic human beings are packed into freezers to await the day their parents decide to implant or discard them.

This practice creates and exploits orphans for no other reason than to satisfy the selfish desires of parents who ought to be caring for the orphans already in their midst.

These children are left to slowly die in the cold, sterile tomb of the fertility clinic.

Furthermore, the murderous practice of destructive human embryonic research ought to be completely prohibited.

Prior generations classified the practice of cutting into living victims and experimenting upon them as a crime against humanity.

And yet, in our generation, thousands upon thousands of our embryonic neighbors have also been experimented upon and destroyed in the name of scientific progress.

There is no ontological difference between human beings prior to or following implantation, and there is no moral difference between dismemberment by surgical instruments, on the one hand, and death by the prevention of implantation through the use of abortifacient drugs or devices, on the other.

All human beings are indeed created equal and possess the same right to protection from murder that is afforded to all who bear the image of God.

Therefore, as Christians and as abolitionists, we maintain that every human being, regardless of age, size, ability, or location is created in the image of God.

We affirm that no human being has the right to shed innocent blood, for “God made man in His own image.”

To deprive an innocent human being of life is the prerogative of God alone.

Any action designed or undertaken for the intended purpose of killing a pre-born human being is an act of murder.

We maintain that God has established government among men to punish those who do evil and praise those who do good; our civil magistrates ought not to be a terror to good conduct, but to bad, and ought to secure all God-ordained rights and liberties for its people.

Any government that legalizes and institutionalizes the murder of those residing within its jurisdiction is acting outside of its proper sphere and contrary to its divinely ordained role. In doing so, they have not only forsaken their mandate but have even put themselves at odds with almighty God.

Excerpted from the International Coalition of Abolitionist Societies “Declaration of Sentiments”, which can be read in its entirety here.