Higher Law
Abolitionists and the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates
February 29, 2016

Is it the responsibility of those in authority to work within a corrupt and wicked system of government or to defy it?

Pastor Matt Trewhella answers these questions and explains the doctrine of the lesser magistrates at the Abolish Abortion Oklahoma conference.

Simply put, the lesser-magistrate doctrine declares that – when a magistrate, who is lower in authority than another higher authority, opposes and/or resists the unjust orders or laws of the higher authority.

This great document which stands in defiance of tyranny and oppression by making clear that the State has limitations and that all are subject to the law – people and state officials alike – was penned by Christian men. Amsdorf, Knox, and Calvin, among others, helped to expound upon this biblical doctrine in their time.  It had a huge impact upon the thinking of our founders, and upon our nation’s people regarding government and law.

If ever this nation needs to understand the lesser-magistrate doctrine, it is now. Immoral and unjust edicts are commonplace. The preborn are being murdered, and sodomy is being proliferated. The assault upon our freedom and liberties is a daily undertaking by those in high office. The attacks upon the law of God are ferocious and relentless.

As our nation sinks more and more into rebellion and depravity, the lesser-magistrate doctrine needs to be taught more than ever. May the Lord grant us the strength and favor to do so.

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Whatever your thoughts are on this subject, It was dirty and underhanded to hand Mr your slick piece of paper and passing it off as a program for the Martin luther King birthday celebration . A tactic that perhaps you do not realize is not going to gain you any supporters. The several people sitting near me expressed the same opinion . Your strategy has backfired agai