A Call for Consistency, Repentance, and Total Abolition
April 30, 2016

We call upon the people of the United States of America to reconcile their claim to be a land of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness with the fact that we are a land that embraces the daily slaughter of thousands of human beings.

A culture composed of men and women enslaved to sin, sex, and death. A culture at peace with child sacrifice. A culture at war with God and His creation.

In the United States, for the past four decades, those who claim to be “pro-life” have relied primarily on politicians, para-church ministries, and social justice organizations to get the job done.

Loving one’s pre-born neighbor has been dismissed as a “political issue,” labeled and dismissed by the many as a “special calling” for some, and consigned to the care of a very small set of professional pro-lifers, sidewalk-counselors, and pregnancy resource center volunteers.

There have been many individuals who have sought to love their pre-born neighbors as themselves and a faithful remnant that has worked to hold mothers back from the slaughter (Matt. 22:37-40, Prov. 24:11-12).

There have even been a number of individuals who have devoted their very lives to standing in the gap for those being taken away to death.

We commend these selfless laborers in the cause of Christ and praise God for them.

However, the vast majority of Americans have chosen to “take the other side of the road,” and have largely ignored their most innocent, oppressed, and endangered neighbors. They have refused to stand up for justice and mercy as they have lived on the earth in luxury and self-indulgence. They have fattened their hearts in a day of slaughter. Subdued by carnal lusts, they have lived lives stained by the world.

Most people justify their apathy towards the ongoing genocide of pre-born human beings with statements such as “All we can do is vote,” “My church supports a local crisis pregnancy center,” “My pastor preaches against abortion every year,” “Who am I to tell anyone else what to do?!” and “I would never get an abortion myself.”

And so, every year the pro-life people of America await the next election to vote for a president who might get the opportunity to appoint judges who could shift the balance of the Supreme Court, who might then be able to overturn Roe v. Wade.

And every year is like the previous forty-two, wherein more than a million of our smallest, most innocent, and most vulnerable members of our society are taken away to death under the covering of “law.”

The fact is that numerous pro-life candidates have been elected over the past forty-two years, well over 200 pro-life laws and regulations have been passed, and the right to murder one’s own children while they are in the womb remains legal in every state of the union.

All the while, abortion itself is sought out by members of both political parties, and embraced as a necessary evil by the church and the state. Abortion “services” are procured by both conservatives and liberals, by professing Christians and non-believers alike.

Professing bodies of religious people have by and large yielded to the political wisdom, pragmatism, and compromise endemic to the conservative political establishment (Ex. 23:2).

The establishment of justice and the practice of pure and undefiled religion has been given over to a coalition of syncretists who not only prefer the worldly wisdom of man to the word of God, but also yoke themselves together with those who want to make a career out of saving babies, regardless of whether or not they love God or possess a worldview capable of grounding ethics and morality.  Many of them are nothing but opportunists who have lost their faith and trust in God. They continue to profess their personal Christian piety and beliefs while they pander to the religious bodies of the land for financial support and approval.

They approach the “issue” of abortion from a secular and pluralistic standpoint, denying the power of the Gospel as having anything to do with the fight against abortion except, perhaps, as a secondary issue that might come up in the midst of “saving the babies.”

The effect of forty two years of pro-life organization and action has been to protract the practice of this great evil, and to make its abolition seem insurmountable.

The conservative political establishment, the GOP, the Moral Majority, the crisis pregnancy and pregnancy resource centers, the pro-life para-church ministries, and the hundreds of thousands of local pro-life churches in America have by and large attempted to put band aids on the pervasive practice of child sacrifice.

They have chosen not to call the nation to repent, but instead to vote, send money, attend this or that yearly event, and “choose life” for themselves.

They have not failed to be pro-life … they have failed to be Christian.

In contrast, we call upon our nation to immediately repent of its national sin of child sacrifice and to stop neglecting justice and mercy for the pre-born among us.

As abolitionists, we are at war with any and every idea which supports the continued cultural approval and practice of human abortion.

We are at war with the worldview and lifestyle practices that make abortion acceptable in the first place.

As abolitionists, we refuse to go with the multitude to do evil, and we are determined to never commit or concede any evil in order that good may come (Ex. 23:2, Rom. 3:8).

As abolitionists, we call for the immediate and total abolition of human abortion.

Excerpted from the International Coalition of Abolitionist Societies “Declaration of Sentiments”, which can be read in its entirety here.