Contrasting Pro-life-ism
May 30, 2016

In contrast to the Pro-life Movement, we believe that to compromise with abortion in any way is to prolong its abolition and perpetuate its practice.

We believe that God never requires us to support lesser evils in order to secure greater goods.

We believe that God will not honor any compromising efforts to end this great atrocity.

As abolitionists we believe that measures only designed to outlaw specific methods of killing some pre-born human beings, while abandoning many others to destruction, are ignorant, perverse, and dehumanizing to man, as well as dishonoring to God.

We reject the widespread belief among pro-lifers that one can gradually and effectively fight the evil of abortion by allowing it all along the way to its eventual abolition.

We are not incrementalists. We are not regulationists. We are Abolitionists!

The culture of death described above is in part the result of forty-two years of pro-life incrementalism and the failed regulatory policies and plans of the Republican party. Today’s pro-life establishment is focused on making abortion safer, cleaner, and possibly more rare.

For nearly four and a half decades the pro-life movement has focused on campaigns, bills, and strategies that aim to protect human beings because they have reached a specific age or stage of development, or have met the conditions of our culture’s definition of a “person.”

They have regulated the means and methods used to abort human beings, in the hopes of eventually bringing it to an end. All they have actually accomplished, however, is to establish the circumstances and conditions under which a human being may murder another human being.

In all of this they have perpetuated injustice, inadvertently accepted defeat, and unintentionally reinforced our culture’s acceptance of both child sacrifice and the ageism that justifies it.

The focus of the pro-life movement has been neither calling the culture to repent of child sacrifice nor establishing justice for the pre-born.  Rather, the focus of the pro-life movement has been the regulation of child sacrifice.

The measures of the pro-life movement have inadvertently pitted the rights (and lives) of those deemed most easy to protect against the rights (and lives) of those our culture most frequently chooses to kill.

In their misguided attempt to protect “as many babies as they can,” they have thoughtlessly abandoned the many for the few and undermined the very foundation for their demands.

In hopes of “saving some,” the pro-life movement has continually made exceptions that inadvertently deny the protection of all.

By making exceptions that acknowledge the right to murder any child for any reason, they have effectively approved the violation of the weak by the strong, and supported the very evil they are purporting to oppose.

Regardless of the good that many individual pro-lifers have done, and regardless of the commendable blood, sweat, and tears poured out by those pro-lifers who have devoted their lives to the cause of bleeding humanity, the measures taken by pro-life leaders in positions of cultural and political influence have been consistently fraught with compromise.

The overall effect of the movement’s work has been to inculcate pessimism, entrench godless pragmatism, and perpetuate the idea that abolition is impossible.

Even now, as professional pro-life leaders and activists unify together to oppose the re-ignition of the abolitionist movement in America, we invite all who consider themselves “pro-life” to move beyond moral opinion, consider the principles of abolition and put them into action.

We call upon pro-lifers to abandon all schemes of incremental legislation, amelioration, and regulation, and to focus instead on abortion abolition.

We call upon Pro-lifers to stop using self-defeating rhetoric like “Abortion stops a beating heart,” while also claiming to believe that abortion is wrong because all humans possess the image of God.

Stop fighting ageism with ageism!

Stop pretending that it makes any sense to support a ban on abortion after 20 weeks due to fetal pain while claiming that all human life is sacred and begins at conception!

Stop attempting to pass laws to make abortion “safer” when it is never safe for the child who is murdered!

Stop approaching abortion as though it were health care, and stop trying to shut down abortion mills because they fail to meet the medical establishment’s code of cleanliness!

We call pro-lifers to stop celebrating the closing of surgical abortion centers and to stop claiming that they are “winning” while they downplay the fact that abortifacients are now widely available over the counter.

Stop acting as if justice can be established by passing a law which demands a mother view her child on an ultrasound screen prior to having him or her killed!

Stop fighting abortion for any other reason than that it is murder!!

We call upon pro-lifers to stop focusing the bulk of their time and energy on creating, funding, and promoting pregnancy resource centers that operate within the false paradigm of “choice.”

We call pro-lifers to stop arguing that people who get abortions are victims and not murderers.

We call pro-lifers to stop merely demanding the defunding of child sacrifice or the right to keep their own wallets clean.

Pro-lifers must cease to make deals with Moloch, entreating him to clean up his child sacrifice centers, widen their hallways, or bring them closer to the places where wanted babies are born.

Pro-lifers must cease to stand before Pharaoh declaring “Let… some of my people go.”

Pro-lifers must get off the treadmill; they must stop swinging their axe at the branches, and instead lay it to the root!

We call pro-lifers to reject all compromise and join us in calling our nation to repent of the sin of child sacrifice.

To compromise with abortion is always to delay its abolition.

To compromise with abortion is to concede that abortion advocates have a legitimate claim.

To compromise with abortion is to confess that evil is greater than good, and to inaugurate Satan, instead of Christ, as King.

To all those who claim the name of Christ and profess to know and follow Him, we call you to “come out from among the pro-life movement!”

We call the pro-life movement to repent.

We call upon individual pro-lifers who agree with the principles stated in this declaration to stop going with the multitude to do evil, and to become abolitionists of human abortion.

Cease your toil as regulationists!

Cease your celebration of compromise!

Cease your opposition of abolition.

Break free from the bondage of pragmatism. Step away from the fear of failure and the fear of man.

Obey God, not man!

Place your faith in Christ and set yourself free from compromise.

Do your duty and leave the results to God.

Wash yourselves, make yourselves clean, cease to do evil, learn to do good, correct oppression and protect the fatherless among you by the power of the Gospel in the providence of God.

Unify in Christ, and together we shall abolish human abortion.

Excerpted from the International Coalition of Abolitionist Societies “Declaration of Sentiments”, which can be read in its entirety here.