Declaration of Sentiments
June 30, 2016

As Abolitionists:

We shall not compromise with abortion.

We shall not acknowledge or allow the right to abortion at any time or in any circumstance.

We shall demand the total and immediate abolition of ALL dehumanizing practices that intentionally abort the lives of our neighbors, image bearers, and fellow human beings.

We shall do all that we can to dismantle the ageist and dehumanizing sentiments of our day.

We shall care for the weak and “unwanted,” stand up for those deemed “too difficult” to love, and rescue those who have been abandoned, devalued, and disregarded.

We shall defend those who do not meet our modern standards of perfection, beauty, and potential “quality of life.”

We shall cease to protect rapists, pedophiles, and sex traffickers by openly opposing our culture’s use of abortion as a means to “take care of” children conceived as a result of their fathers’ crimes.

We shall promote redemption instead of destruction.

We shall not abandon those who are more difficult to save by only protecting those babies whom our godless culture might agree to save, either because they feel pain, possess a beating heart, or resemble the shape of a newborn baby.

We shall cease to ignore the widespread practice of opening and closing the womb with the use of abortifacient devices and drugs. Poisoning one’s womb to make it uninhabitable for a newly conceived child is every bit as evil as late-term partial birth abortion.

We shall cease to separate the practices of creating, manipulating, reducing, discarding, freezing, and destroying human beings from what is commonly accepted and opposed as abortion. Such inhumane acts always accompany the practices of in vitro fertilization and embryonic stem cell research.

We shall endeavor to rescue our pre-born neighbors from their icy chambers and open our wombs and our homes to those who have been orphaned as a result of our modern culture’s consumerist view of perfectly planned children.

We shall call upon all those who claim to be adopted by Christ to do the same.

We shall take our message to the front lines, engaging young people everywhere with the truth of the Gospel and the evil of abortion.

We shall speak the truth in love to them before they are faced with the temptation to hide their sin with child sacrifice – or be led to the slaughter by those who would rather turn them into murderers than love them as sons and daughters.

We shall destroy speculations and every lofty idea raised up against the knowledge of God, and we shall tear down every ideological stronghold that protects and furthers the wanton slaughter of the most innocent and helpless members of our society.

We shall destroy so called “pro-choice” misinformation through constant education, agitation, and activism.

We shall circulate, unsparingly and extensively, anti-abortion tracts, pamphlets, and periodicals.

We shall peacefully assemble outside of our nation’s child sacrifice centers, court houses, and church buildings, and stand in protest all along the roads which connect these guilty institutions.

We shall organize abolitionist societies, if possible, in every city of our nation.

We shall send out agents to lift up the voice of remonstrance and encourage abolitionists everywhere in their local work.

We shall engage in mass action campaigns to call our nation’s cities to repent, beseeching them to shut down their child sacrifice centers and ban the distribution of abortifacient weapons of mass murder.

We will expose abortion for what it is: a monstrous evil.

We shall bring it to light by every means available to us.

We will show the nation what it is they approve, allow, and ignore, and what future generations will remember them for approving, allowing, and ignoring.

We shall kindle a fire that sets the public mind ablaze, melts mountains of ice, and awakens the citizens of this country to their lukewarm love and practical disdain for God, in whose image they are made.

We shall proclaim the truth, justice, and mercy of the Living God, and we will not ask the world’s permission to do so.

We shall not think, speak, or write with moderation.

We shall be as harsh as truth and as uncompromising as justice.

We will use no moderating tones to take the place of what ought to have been our outrage at this abomination for the past forty-two years.  We will not equivocate, we will not retreat a single inch, and we will be heard!

We will do no harm. We will do no violence. But we will not just stand idly by.

We shall provoke a clash of absolutes between the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the worldly wisdom of man, create a conflict between two visions of reality and morality, demonstrate how a worldview centered upon Christ leads to the just, compassionate, and dignified treatment of human beings, while a worldview centered on man leads to the unjust, barbaric, and undignified treatment of our neighbors.

We shall bring the Gospel of God into full blown conflict with the evil of our age.

We shall not separate the Gospel from the work of social justice.

We shall not dishonor God by locking arms with those who reject or deny Him.

We shall not abandon souls to save babies, nor babies to save souls.

We shall persist in seeking the conversion of all men to the kingdom of Christ and the cause of immediate abolition.

We shall demonstrate that abortion itself is a greater threat to the mission of the church than is abolitionist agitation.

We shall admonish and rebuke professing believers in Jesus Christ who neglect the plight of their pre-born neighbors in the same manner that our Lord rebuked and admonished the Pharisees who neglected justice, mercy, and faithfulness in His day (Matt. 23:23, Luke 11:42).

The body and helpmate bride of Christ has an obligation to actively and visibly oppose the ongoing practice of child sacrifice going on in her midst as part of her mandate to be salt and light, fulfill the great commission, and be ambassadors of the Kingdom of God who do not neglect the weightier matters of His Holy Law.

Individual Christians and local fellowships of believers must understand that the work of the Church universal is one and the same with the work of the church local.

Individual Christians and local fellowships of believers must cease to subcontract their obligation to expose evils, establish justice, and practice pure and undefiled religion to third parties such as professional pro-life para-ministries, crisis pregnancy centers, and the welfare state.

All we are asking fellow Christians to do is to love their neighbors as themselves and to love God in whose image their neighbors are made.

We are exhorting all those who believe in the God of the Bible to renew their minds in His Word, to possess the mind of Christ in regard to the least of all image bearers among them, and to show compassion to their pre-born brothers and sisters from the womb.

We are not attacking the Bride of Christ in any way.  Rather, we are exhorting all believers everywhere to be the Church, and to boldly practice true and vital Christianity in the midst of a culture that kills its children.

We shall labor to wake up fellow members of the Body of Christ who are now sleeping in the midst of an abortion holocaust (1 Cor. 15:34; Rev. 3:2-3; Mark 13:35-37).

We shall set ourselves boldly to this task, come what may to our persons, our interests, or our reputations.

Whether we live to witness total abolition, or perish untimely in this great, benevolent, and holy cause, we shall not be discouraged or dismayed.

When people come together to falsely utter all manner of evil against us and revile, suppress, and even persecute us on account of the cross we carry, we will count it a blessing and consider it all joy (Matt. 5:11-12).

Even if a majority of professing American Christians exert ten times more energy opposing us than they exert fighting abortion themselves, we will not cease to boldly proclaim the truth of God where the battle against truth rages most hot.

Our trust for victory is solely in God. While we may be personally defeated and beaten down, our principles will never be, for they rest upon God’s infallible Word. Truth, Justice, Reason, and Humanity must – and will – gloriously triumph over the evil of our age.

Already a host is coming to the help of the Lord against the mighty, and the prospect before us is full of encouragement.  Abolitionists who adopt these principles and sentiments have arisen all over the country and are everywhere among you.

Under the guidance and by the help of Almighty God, we will do all that lies within us to abolish human abortion, to deliver our nation from its deadliest curse, and to secure to the pre-born all the rights and privileges that belong to them as image-bearers of God.

By the blood of the lamb and the word of our witness, by the power of the Holy Spirit, in His Providence and in accordance with his plan, we shall crush the dragon abortion beneath our feet (Rev. 12:11, Rom. 16:20).