God’s Abortion Guarantee
August 31, 2016

The Abortion Guarantee (excerpted from a larger exposition which can be found here)

It doesn’t take much reading of Scripture to learn that God has a heart for the widows, orphans, poor and oppressed.  In Scripture, God is abundantly clear in revealing his concern for those groups (Ex. 22:22-27,23:1-3,23:6-8,23:10-11;Lev. 19:15,23:22,25:35-43;Deut 14:28-29,15:7-15,24:14-22;Ps. 9:9,10:16-18,34:4-7;35:10,41:1-3,68:5,103:6,146:5-9;Is. 1:16-17,10:1-4,58:1-12;Jer. 7:5-7;Ez. 22:23-29;Zech. 7:9-10;Mal. 3:5;Mark 12:38-40;Rom. 15:25-27;Gal. 2:7-10;1 Tim 5:3-8;James 1:27,2:15-17, etc.).  The Lord hears their cries, comes to their aid, and is angry at those who mistreat them.

The Lord indeed comes to the aid of the widows, orphans, poor and oppressed, but there is a specific group of people that has a special place on his list of priorities, even above them:


God gets angry at the oppression and abuse of children.  God gets furious when they are killed.

God calls it unimaginable for him.

InJer. 7:30-31,15:3,19:4-5 andJer. 32:34-35 God speaks of the sacrifice of children as that “which I did not command, nor did it come into my mind.”

Now it’s not that God was somehow caught off guard by child sacrifice, but rather that God speaks of child sacrifice as “unimaginable” to show how wicked it is.  He makes the point four separate times when he speaks through his prophet Jeremiah.

What is God’s response to child sacrifice?

Lev. 18:29 seems to suggest that child sacrifice is a horribly wicked sin; one at the level where any nation that commits it will face the wrath of God.  God warned Israel about the practice of child sacrifice, using the example of the Canaanite nations who came before them, repeatedly.

God is not just talk.

Speaking through Jeremiah, God states that the Valley of Ben Hinnom would be renamed the “Valley of Slaughter” because one day, it will be filled with the bodies of slain Israelites (Jer. 7:32-34 &19:6-8).  Also, God spoke through Jeremiah that the conquest of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar was a direct result of their idolatry, culminating with their infant sacrifice (Jer. 32:26-35).

God spoke a similar sentiment through Ezekiel inEz. 16:35-37 andEz. 23:36-39.  Because Judah and Israel slaughtered their children, the Lord would bring other nations against them to conquer them.

So what is this “abortion guarantee”?

Well, I’d suggest that the numerous passages I’ve pointed to explicitly reveal, and exemplify, a universal principle:

God destroys nations that murder their children

That’s what happened to the various people of Canaan; they were punished unto the point of destruction.  If I had space, I’d make the case that the same thing has happened in a whole lot of other nations (i.e. Rome, for starters).

That’s what happened to Israel and Judah; their punishment lasted for generations; they were rebuilt only because of the promises of God to their forefathers.

Contrary to popular belief, the United States isn’t “the United States of Israel;” they don’t have a special relationship with God as Israel did.  Both Canada and the United States are Gentile nations.

When’s the last time you met a Hivite? How about an Amorite?

Unless God is gracious and grants repentance to Canada and the United States, the same thing that happened to the Hivites and Amorites must happen to Canada and the United States. Only Israel has lasted 3,000+ years.  Canada and the United States are just pushing past 300 (depending on where you mark the start of each) and I seriously wonder if either one will exist as a nation in another century.

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