How the Pro-life Movement Has Lost Its Way
March 6, 2017

Why do we make the claim that the pro-life movement has lost its way? Consider this: In Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker is pro-life, Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch is pro-life, Speaker of the House Robin Vos is pro-life, and both the Wisconsin legislature and senate are majority republican. There are over 5,000 pro-life churches. Pro-life organizations have a yearly income of over $3 million.

Now take a look at some of the pro-life victories of the last 6 years:

  • Post 20 week abortion ban*
  • Mothers must view ultrasound before committing abortion
  • 24 hour waiting period before abortion may be committed
  • Repeal of penalties for women who commit abortions

Despite the massive pro-life presence in our state and all of their pro-life “victories”, we still murder 6,000 babies every year.  Neither our legislature nor our governor, nor the largest pro-life organization in our state, have called for the immediate end of the murder of preborn children.

If pro-life legislators, organizations and churches do not act like abortion is murder, why would anyone else?

While on the surface it may seem as though we are accomplishing much, the fact is that these pro-life laws in Wisconsin actually further entrench and sanitize abortion in our state.  There is little evidence that these bills save any preborn lives. There are no enforcement mechanisms and they have exception clauses so large they are effectively worthless. More importantly, these “pro-life” bills are actually pro-choice bills. Every one of them affirms a woman’s right to murder her preborn child upon meeting a set of criteria. These legislative efforts do not call for abortion to be abolished; they merely regulate abortion.

How many babies have we sentenced to death by these failed legislative strategies? How many years has our movement been set back by our continual diversion into these regulatory red herrings, wasting valuable time and energy, confusing the public, and giving the false impression that we are winning?


“Because the sentence against an evil deed is not executed speedily, the heart of the children of man is fully set to do evil.”  -Ecclesiastes 8:11


Those who engage the culture with the truth about abortion are often told, whether at abortion mills, on college campuses, at church buildings, or state houses, that abortion is permissible in certain circumstances. Even if one is personally pro-life many do not think they should impose on the choices of women. We also hear that abortion might be wrong later in pregnancy, or when the baby might feel pain, and that it would be wrong to sell aborted baby body parts, but we rarely hear that abortion is wrong because it is murder!

This is because pro-life legislators and pro-life organizations have effectively taught our society to believe that abortion is permissible.

Wisconsin’s pro-life/pro-family organizations and the pro-life legislators they endorse teach that selling baby body parts is wrong, but seem to ignore the fact that abolishing abortion would end the sale of baby body parts – as there would be no body parts to sell. They teach Wisconsin that it is wrong to murder babies that are 20 weeks old, but that it is perfectly fine to murder babies that are younger than 20 weeks. Despite what they may say in fundraising emails or on the campaign trail, and despite their personal opinions about abortion, they don’t treat it like it is murder. The fact that they don’t treat it like murder  betrays the fact that they don’t actually believe it is murder. If they did, they would be seeking to pass laws to protect children from murder and not laws merely designed to convince mothers to “choose life” or to ban the sale of murdered humans.

Not only have our pro-life strategies further entrenched and sanitized abortion in our state- they have also empowered pro abortion leaders operating under the guise of being “pro-life.” Wisconsin Right to Life, for example, has given a 100% approval rating to numerous politicians, including Robin Vos, the Speaker of the House, who demonstrate that they support abortion rights.  Vos has repeatedly silenced pro-life bills and prevented any debate about abortion on the floor of the legislature, yet he receives a 100% approval rating from WRTL. This is nothing short of treachery. Vos gives praises to WRTL and tells everyone how “effective” they are in defending life, meanwhile WRTL protects and covers for Vos telling his constituents that he is “a great pro-life leader”, meanwhile both fundraise off each others endorsements, solidifying each other’s power while NOTHING CHANGES.

This cozy relationship needs to be exposed and broken. These failed strategies need to be assessed and repudiated. We must stop propping up these organizations and politicians with our donations and votes, and instead do our duty. We must work to actually abolish abortion, not just regulate it, sanitize it, or make it more acceptable to the culture. It must be stated again, if we will not act like abortion, in all it’s grotesque forms, is the killing of an innocent human being (i.e. murder) then why would anyone else.

*The largest abortion clinic in WI still advertises 22 week abortions