Spring College Campus Outreaches in Wisconsin
June 6, 2017

Abolish Abortion Wisconsin teamed up with Missionaries to the Preborn this Spring for a “Campus Tour” that took place in the first week of May. We went to the campuses of Marquette University in Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, UW Waukesha, and University of Wisconsin-Parkside in the Racine/Kenosha area. In addition to the university campuses, we also reached out to several area high schools. About 20 people participated in the tour, passing out thousands of pieces of literature exposing the horror of abortion. We detailed the fiction of judicial supremacy, called for total abolition through interposition, all while pointing the lost to Christ.

There were numerous conversations and debates. We view these efforts as extremely fruitful and plan to continue our efforts both to the university students and high school students (we have passed out literature at about a dozen high schools so far this year). May Christ be praised!