Are We Winning?
November 20, 2017

The pro-life movement is accomplishing its goal.

It has been over four decades of “legal” murder. Since 1973, over 60 million living human beings who were created in the image of God have been brutally and mercilessly murdered by their parents, with the assistance of medical professionals, yet very few in our nation have treated this injustice as though it is murder, including the pro-life movement.

When Roe v. Wade was passed and abortion was made “legal,” the governing officials and Christians of every state had the duty to defy SCOTUS and disallow the murder of the preborn, yet they did not.

With neither the Church nor the governing authorities doing their duty, Pro-Life fundraising organizations arose in their place.

What has the pro-life movement won?

Wisconsin Abortion Regulations (How We Regulate Murder):

  • Ban abortion after 20 weeks
  • Repeal penalties for women who commit abortions
  • Require mothers to see ultrasounds before murdering their children
  • Require mothers to wait 24 hours before murdering their children

These and many more regulations are in place, yet Wisconsin continues to murder
6,000 babies every year.

Over 300 Pro-Life laws have been passed in the last 6 years, yet the United States continues to murder one million babies every year.

So we ask, “If the pro-life movement is winning, what is the goal?” because if dictating how and when babies are murdered is “winning,” your goal is wrong.

The regulations being passed by the pro-life movement are pro-choice. They all affirm that women have the right to murder their preborn children. The Pro-Life Movement helps to keep abortion legal by putting forward a never ending stream of incremental Pro-Life victories that legitimize both the murder of the preborn and the idea that the Supreme Court can create and impose tyrannical laws.

These regulations help ingrain the pro-choice mindset into the culture by treating abortion as a valid choice that should be safe, legal, and rare.


  • Stop acting as if abortion is not murder in your rhetoric and laws. We must instead call for the
    immediate and total abolition of abortion.
  • Stop claiming that regulations are “the best that we can get.” Complete abolition will not be accomplished over night, but it will never be accomplished with a movement of people working against it in favor of regulating how murder is committed, and who is allowed to commit it.
  • Stop hiding behind the excuse of, “The Supreme Court ruled, so we must obey! We have to work within the framework of Roe!” SCOTUS is a tyrant that must be defied. When they make unjust, unconstitutional rulings, all other branches of government must defy those rulings and uphold justice.
  • We all must repent of our part in the dehumanization of our preborn neighbors, and thereby follow Christ as King and learn to think and act righteously.

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