The Pro-life Reaction to Abolitionist Legislation
December 6, 2017

The Pro-life Reaction to Abolitionist Legislation
as embodied by’s reaction to the Oklahoma resolution of abolition

On May 8th of 2017, the Oklahoma House of Representatives issued a resolution stating that abortion is murder and should be treated as such. The reaction from the pro-life movement was sadly predictable.

House Resolution 1004, introduced by Oklahoma Rep. Chuck Strohm, explicitly defines abortion as murder. It also rightly stipulates that there should be no interference by the courts. The resolution declares that protecting human beings from murder, at whatever stage they may be in, is the Constitutional duty of Oklahoma’s elected officials. They should seek to fulfill this duty regardless of unlawful interference from an overreaching federal government.

The Pro-life Reaction and Judicial Supremacy

The pro-life/pro-family groups, along with the conservative news outlets, have ignored it almost entirely. One exception is a story by, which predictably espouses the typical pro-life/pro-family embrace of Judicial Supremacy. They claim that any move to abolish abortion will be overturned in the courts, and that Roe v. Wade itself needs to be overturned by SCOTUS. Never mind that SCOUTUS is the very institution that gave it to us in the first place.

Judicial Supremacy is the fiction pro-life and pro-family groups, conservative news outlets and “think tanks”, and the politicians they all promote, have been hiding behind for over 40 years now.

This decades-old key “strategy” of the pro-life movement to “overturn Roe” gives credence to the idea that the Supreme Court has legislative powers. They don’t. That the Supreme court is the final arbiter of what is constitutional or unconstitutional is simply untrue as well.

The Fiction in Our Own Back Yard

When it comes to Judicial Supremacy, Wisconsin is no different.  The top pro-life, pro-family groups (Wisconsin Right to Life, Pro-life Wisconsin, and Julaine Appling’s Wisconsin Family Action), along with Wisconsin’s pro-life conservative politicians, all perpetuate this falsehood.  The organizations and politicians give cover to each other, hiding behind the falsehood that the Supreme Court has tied their hands. Legislation that does absolutely nothing to stop the bloodshed in our state and actually facilitates it, is put forward session after session.  These laws and regulations provide ample opportunity to solicit donations while ensuring the slaughter continues.

Consider the legislative agenda of each of the groups mentioned above.  Without exception, each one is focused on regulating abortion as if the mass murder of unborn humans is a legitimate business in our state.  A strategy to end state-sanctioned killing is completely missing. Pro-life Wisconsin comes the closest with the support of its failed Personhood Amendment, but still gives credence to the mistaken concept of overturning Roe with it, which we have shown to be a deficient strategy based on a fallacious reading of the Supreme Court’s murderous opinion here and here.

Abolition and Interposition

Instead, we call for the immediate and total abolition of abortion through the interposition of magistrates over and against the constitutionally-repugnant, immoral, unjust Roe v. Wade opinion issued by the Supreme Court. Contrary to popular belief, the legislature has the ability to enact laws that would protect every preborn human being from abortion. The legislature is more than capable of establishing justice for the preborn. What they must do is write and approve a bill that defines abortion as murder and includes no exceptions. They have a duty to interpose and defend the preborn from brutal murder. They have a duty to abolish, not regulate, child sacrifice in our state.

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Watch this short commentary on the Oklahoma resolution and the reaction of the pro-life movement by Pastor Matt Trewhella.