We Have Forgotten God
January 23, 2018

The Lies the Pro-Life Movement Tells

The following was delivered as an address to the crowd at Colorado Right to Life’s March for Abolition on January 20, 2018 in Denver, Colorado. It has been adapted slightly to take the format of an article.

I would like to ask you to take a moment to consider the power of lies.

The 20th century is generally recognized as the bloodiest century in the history of the world. It is said that more lives were claimed through the hand of governments in the 20th century than in the rest of human history combined.

In the Soviet Union, 60 million or perhaps more were murdered by the government. Millions were ripped away from their families, falsely accused of crimes, and thrown into the gulag (the Soviet system of labor camps), or sentenced to death. Many never left those labor camps. The accounts of the arrests, interrogations, trials, and time spent in the gulag are truly horrifying. Torture, rape, disease, starvation, and all manner of cruelty: this is the legacy of Marxist ideology manifested in the Soviet Union, and in Mao’s China, and in the killing fields of Cambodia, and anywhere else this ideology has reared its ugly head.

But what does any of this have to do with abortion? Or the abolition of abortion?

Let me ask you this:

How does a nation sink to such a level? How can a government murder 60 million people and imprison and torture millions more? Of equal importance, how can a people allow such a thing?

Alexander Solzhenitsyn was a man who experienced the gulag and all the abominations that went along with it first hand. He was an officer in the Russian army during WWII, arrested in 1945 for his comments in a private letter to a friend, criticizing the conduct of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. He was accused of Anti-Soviet propaganda and some five months later sentenced to an eight year term in a labor camp. He detailed the horrors of the labor camp system in his book the Gulag Archipelago.

What was his answer to the question – how did this happen? What was his scholarly analysis of a complex and storied history of a nation, and of a complete political system?

In 1983 he wrote:

“More than half a century ago, while I was still a child, I recall hearing a number of older people offer the following explanation for the great disasters that had befallen Russia: Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.

Since then I have spent well-nigh fifty years working on the history of our Revolution; in the process I have read hundreds of books, collected hundreds of personal testimonies, and have already contributed eight volumes of my own toward the effort of clearing away the rubble left by that upheaval. But if I were asked today to formulate as concisely as possible the main cause of the ruinous Revolution that swallowed up some sixty million of our people, I could not put it more accurately than to repeat: Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.”

Solzhenitsyn attributed the horrors that beset the Russian people to a rejection of God. What was the main cause of the swallowing up of 60 million of his countrymen? The people forgot the God who created them and gave them His Word and Law.

If the people forgetting their God was the first step toward tyranny and death, there were other things that propped up this tyranny and allowed it to flourish. According to Solzhenitsyn, the thing that upheld the tyranny of communism in the Soviet Union was this: lies.

The lie was the thing that allowed the brutality – the murder – to continue. The people accepted the lies of the State and repeated them and lied to each other and never dared to publicly speak the truth. You see, they were able to eek out a comparatively comfortable life for themselves if they would just repeat the lies.

Solzhenitsyn said this of his countrymen:

“We have been so hopelessly dehumanized that for today’s modest ration of food we are willing to abandon all our principles, our souls, and all the efforts of our predecessors and all opportunities for our descendants—but just don’t disturb our fragile existence. We lack staunchness, pride and enthusiasm. We don’t even fear universal nuclear death, and we don’t fear a third world war. We have already taken refuge in the crevices. We just fear acts of civil courage.

The people were oppressed, yes. Yet they also oppressed themselves through their own actions. What Solzhenitsyn was calling for was for his countrymen to no longer take part in the lie that had so consumed them. Personal non-participation in the lie was the antidote, or at least the first step toward freedom – toward the end of this tyrannical machine.

Interestingly enough, he also said that the line separating good and evil did not just run through nations, but through the very souls of men – through your heart and my heart.

With these two things in mind – the forgetting of God and lies – let us now turn from this example of tyranny and tragedy from history and examine our own selves, our own nation, and our own countrymen.

Today in the United States of America, over 3,000 human beings are murdered daily. Over a million a year are killed through various abortion methods, be they surgical, chemical, hormonal, or otherwise. Untold millions have been created in labs and abandoned to freezers, and abortive birth control has taken and is taking the lives of untold millions more. It is truly impossible to calculate the number of lives that are claimed through these practices.

Who is to blame for this? Is this, as it was in the old Soviet Union, the government’s doing? Is there a tyrannical government enforcing a one child policy, much like modern day China’s? Are they breaking down doors and hauling women off to state-sanctioned abortion clinics to extinguish the life inside them? Are women forced to take birth control against their will so that their tiny children will die before they can implant in the uterus?

No. In the United States of America, we need no tyrant to murder our sons and daughters. We need no KGB agents breaking down our doors in the middle of the night. We need no intimidation or coercion or threats. In the United States of America, we hate our own sons and daughters so much that we gleefully pay medical professionals to murder them for us and we call it healthcare. We devalue the lives of the preborn so far that it is commonplace for parents to murder their children.

Of course, this is all justified because our federal and state governments have fully sanctioned the slaughter and through the opinions of the supreme court have pronounced it “legal” for women to murder their children. We have a government so corrupt that they sanction, fund, and allow the murder of children, and we have people so corrupt that they want to murder their children.

We have indeed forgotten God.

And not just those who call themselves “pro-choice” have forgotten God. No, not at all.

Even those who claim to know and follow Him abandon His commands when their comfort is threatened. Even many of those who call themselves “Pro-Life” and say that they oppose abortion have forgotten Him and turned away from him as well. Whereas the people of the Soviet Union closed their mouths from the truth to avoid a knock on their doors in the middle of the night from the secret police, and so they could have their daily ration of bread, and live a semblance of a comfortable life, we here in America refuse to speak out not to save our own skin, but because we value our comfort above all else.

We do not speak and act now, in times of ease and plenty, in a time when there are no repercussions for speaking and acting on behalf of our preborn neighbor. In times of hardship and trial, when speech is suppressed, and acting is punished, we will cower. It may shock you to learn the depths of your own cowardice. And if we refuse to do what is right now, we will never do right then.

As for those who do speak, many of them speak lies. They have swallowed many of the same lies as the pro-choice people have. We say we want to see abortion end, yet we repeat the lies to ourselves and to everyone else. We go to a Pro-Life event once or twice a year, and send in some donations to our Pro-Life fundraising company of choice, but that’s about it. We have decided that it is some professional Pro-Lifer’s job to work to end abortion, or that abolition must be accomplished by regulating abortion rather than working tirelessly to actually end it.

So what are the lies that we repeat? What are the damning falsehoods that we accept and proliferate? There are many, but I will only list four.

Lie 1

The first lie we tell that upholds the bloodshed is this:

“Life is winning in America!”

Yes, that’s right. That is a lie, and a brazen one at that. Do you know who said it? Vice President Mike Pence, to the March for Life in Washington DC proudly proclaimed, to a cheering crowd of Pro-Lifers (although anyone who has been to the DC march knows that most attendees are Catholic school kids, bused in from around the country) that life is winning in America. So you rightfully ask, why is this a lie? Why is life really not winning in America?

Pro-Life politicians and Pro-Life fundraising corporations would like you to believe that life is winning in America. They would like you to believe that the Pro-Life Movement is accomplishing its goal. And truly, the Pro-Life Movement is achieving its goal. That part is actually true. But the Pro-Life Movement achieving its goal and life itself winning are two very different things. So this goal that the Pro-Life Movement is achieving – can you guess what it is? What might the Pro-Life Movement’s goal be, if winning means that over a million preborn children are butchered every year in this nation?

Their goal is not to end abortion. It never has been, and unless they repent, or have their arms twisted so hard that they have no choice, it never will be. The goal of the Pro-Life movement is to regulate abortion. Through their legislation and rhetoric, they make abortion neater, cleaner, more sanitary, and “safer” for mothers who want to murder their sons and daughters. They brag that Donald Trump is the most Pro-Life president of all time, and this very well may be true. But do you know what Donald Trump bragged about when he stood outside the White House and addressed the March for Life in DC?

He bragged about supporting bills that would end “painful” late term abortions. This is the perfect illustration of what the Pro-Life Movement produces. Their greatest champion speaks and acts as if late term abortion, which accounts for about 1% of all abortions, is worse than the extremely common, equally murderous, 10 week abortion. Do you see how this is nothing but a game and a farce? They push legislation under the guise of saving 1% of the victims of abortion. They fundraise off this legislation, self promote from it, and trick people into believing that they are actually doing something. Meanwhile, these bills that supposedly save lives, for the most part do no such thing and do not save even a single baby from death. There are approximately 13,000 reported abortions per year in Colorado, and 98% of them are committed before 20 weeks. This means that the Pro-Lifers are abandoning the over 12,800 in order to purportedly save 260. Meanwhile, abortion is ingrained into the law. Meanwhile, abortion doctors change their methods. Meanwhile, abortion continues to be committed earlier and earlier, thus making any restriction on late term abortion completely obsolete, and irrelevant. Even more pernicious is the fact that these laws generally allow women to murder their 20 week old babies anyway, through the slew of exceptions to the so called ban.

Are you aware of how many Pro-Life regulations would have to be repealed or completely rewritten if a bill of abolition were to pass in this state? In the state of Wisconsin, it is a vast list. Why is this? Why would the Pro-Life regulations need to be repealed if a bill of abolition were passed? Because they enshrine the right to abortion into the law! They regulate who can murder children, when children can be murdered, and how they can be murdered.

Rather than calling abortion what it is – murder, and seeking to abolish it, we have Pro-Life organizations and politicians saying that abortion is wrong because it is painful, and trying to force abortionists to commit murder in cleaner, more hospital-like abortion clinics. They regulate abortion as if it were healthcare. They teach the world that older babies are valuable and younger babies are not. Having a developed nervous system makes you more valuable to men like Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Meanwhile, we are told over and over again that fighting for the abolition of abortion is fruitless, because it can never be achieved. In reality, it can only never be achieved when we refuse to fight for it. The Pro-Life Movement has refused to fight for abolition for 45 years.

Life is winning! They cry, while they push 20 week bans that deny justice to all children younger than 20 weeks. The book of Isaiah addresses these people in chapter 10:

Woe to those who decree iniquitous decrees, and the writers who keep writing oppression, to turn aside the needy from justice and to rob the poor of my people of their right, that widows may be their spoil, and that they may make the fatherless their prey!

This is a serious matter, and the God of the universe – the standard of right and justice – declares woe unto those who decree iniquitous decrees and those who write laws that deny justice to those who need it the most.

What are some of these incremental regulations that they pass?

Banning abortion after 20 weeks

Banning sex selective abortions

Banning abortions for “discriminatory” purposes

Regulating how clean and safe abortion clinics must be

Regulating how the corpses of the murdered babies are to be disposed of

And the list goes on and on and on.

With all these efforts, they try to convince you that they are doing something, that they are winning, that they are putting your money to good use – when in reality they are prolonging the abolition of abortion. The key to keeping abortion legal is to continuously delay its abolition with a never ending stream of Pro-Life victories.

The holocaust will continue indefinitely. They will continue to “fight” and fundraise off abortion for another 50 years, and will always repeat the lie that total abolition is completely impossible, that we just need a few more regulations passed, that we just need the right president, the right Supreme Court, and then maybe we can overturn Roe and then maybe we can fight for abolition. Send your money now, so that National Right to Life and Students for Life and all the others can continue to fight for the Pro-Life cause indefinitely into the future.

These Pro-Life efforts are not just strategically flawed, they are sinful. They deny God’s image in man. They turn back justice for those who need justice the most.

Even though the Pro-Life movement is indeed accomplishing its goal, its goal is sinful. Its goal is to regulate, not abolish. And with that, Life will never be winning in America.

Lie 2

The second great lie that we tell that upholds the bloodshed is this: “The Supreme Court has ruled, we must obey. We must treat its rulings as legitimate law and do what we can while we wait for the Supreme court to get the right make-up so that they can overturn Roe, and then maybe we can pass some laws that would restrict abortion more, or even maybe abolish it.”

We are told that we cannot work for the total abolition of abortion, that it would be stupid and pointless and vain, because of the Supreme Court.

People get all excited and exercised, falling all over themselves anytime there’s a republican president, because he can appoint a good justice who might help overturn Roe!

Are you aware that 5 of the 7 in the majority decision of Roe v. Wade were Republican appointees? Only one Republican appointed justice was on the dissenting side.

If you want your head to spin, watch this lecture (https://youtu.be/f3KiEEU1ezM) given by abolitionist Bradley Pierce called Abortion, the Supreme Court, and Idolatry. In it, he details how for the last 40 some years, Republican appointed justices have always outnumbered Democrat appointed justices. How does this comport with the claim that we need more Republican appointed justices? It doesn’t, because that’s a ruse and a lie.

The deception even greater than “we need more Republican appointed justices” is that the Supreme Court must be obeyed no matter what.

This is idolatry, my friends. And this bowing before the court, combined with worship of self, has led the the deaths of over 60 million preborn children.

Civics 101: There are three separate branches of government. We all know that the Judicial branch – the courts – do not make law. We know that the legislative branch makes law. Yet for some reason, when a court in Washington DC rules unjustly and says that women have the right to murder their offspring and that two men can marry each other, or that black people are not people but property, we all just go along with it. We pretend like the trash rulings of a tyrannical joke of a court have legitimacy. The court has no authority to make law, and beyond that, no institution of man has the authority to proclaim a legal right which God has proclaimed to be murder.

To quote from Pierce’s lecture:

If you accept Hitler’s authority to legalize the murder of Jews, you have already lost the war.

If you accept the Court’s authority to legalize the murder of babies, you have already lost the war.

And the Court has no authority to legalize any such thing.

1857’s Dred Scott decision declared that black people were in fact, not people. They were considered property. This ruling has never been overturned. If the court handed down such a ruling today, most Pro-Lifers would say, “I don’t agree, but we must obey the law.” They would go along with it, just like they go along with Roe v. Wade, working within the framework of a corrupt tyrant court.

Stop working within the framework of Roe. Roe does not need to be overturned. We do not need to get the right justices on the court. We need those in governmental authority to do their duty, to stop bowing before a corrupt court, and to ignore Roe. It is a trash court opinion. It is not law. It does not create a constitutional right to anything.

It is not just possible, it is needed for our state officials, our magistrates, to interpose against the tyranny of the supreme court and the rest of the federal government. Every state in the union should refuse to recognize the corrupt opinion of the court as law – partly because they’re not law – and defend the preborn from murder.

Think it’s not possible for a state to defy the federal government? Think again – it’s already happened in Wisconsin. (http://abolishabortionwi.com/blog/2017/02/21/the-rescue-of-joshua-glover-and-its-relevance-for-today/)

We do not need a better Supreme Court. We need to stop bowing down before the Supreme Court and obeying it over God. That is exactly what the Pro-Life movement has done for the last half century.

Lie 3

The third lie is a bit more personal.

We lie when we try to convince ourselves that we do is good enough.

If you stand on a busy street corner with a sign that says “abortion is murder,” you will find some people who tell you that they agree with you. They probably would even say that they are Christians. Many of them attend a Bible-believing church. But when you ask them, “If you agree that abortion is murder, what do you do about it?” They will tell you perhaps that they give money to a crisis pregnancy center, or that they donate to the local right to life group, or that their church has a program, and they will certainly tell you that they vote Pro-Life. And if you suggest that perhaps, in the midst of a holocaust in which millions are dying, that they should adopt a more active role in the abolition of abortion, they will often tell you that you are being judgmental, that they do what they can, that they have children of their own, and that there are other important issues to deal with as well.

The simple fact is of course, that very few of us do what we should. Just because we do something in regard to abortion, doesn’t mean that we are doing what we ought to do. We orient our lives toward that which is most beneficial and comfortable to us. This is not a new development. Solzhenitsyn talked about it. It is human nature to do so.

But more to our shame, we know the truth. We know that abortion is murder, we claim to know God with our lips, yet our hearts are far from him. It is not a knowledge problem that we have, but a problem of the heart. We busy ourselves with our lives – all while black families are torn apart and sold as property, while Jews and forced into ghettos and then into concentration camps, while our preborn neighbor is murdered by his own mother.

We support laws that abandon the 99% to death because it makes us feel like we have done something. And indeed, we have done something. We have decreed iniquitous decrees. We have turned back justice for those most in need of it. We have refused to risk nearly anything for the sake of our preborn neighbor. We refuse to risk now, when it is our fleshly comfort that is at stake – how villainous we will be in times of hardship.

If we do not have the moral fortitude and the love for God and neighbor to speak the truth and take action in our current culture and time, we will neither speak the truth nor take action when faced with true persecution and trial. If faced with hardship and the realities of totalitarianism and labor camps. Moreover, many would commit unspeakable evils when faced with such things. If we do not cling to the truth when we are easily able to, we will not cling to the truth when falsehoods are enforced. We will be like the people Solzhenitsyn described, cowering in our apartments while we listen to the secret police break down the neighbors’ doors, just hoping that they aren’t here to arrest us.

Lie 4

The fourth and final lie that I want to address is similar to the third. We lie when we try to convince ourselves that the churches are not guilty.

60 million babies have been murdered in the midst of over 100 million church going Christians. What more evidence do you need that the churches bear responsibility? Christians, for the most part, have decided to close themselves up in their church buildings. Rather than being salty and bright and going forth to do Christ’s work in the earth, to be His body that physically carries out His commands, we have busied ourselves with a host of activities that for the most part take place in the church building. We do not see our duty as a sacred one, as a privilege to serve our risen Savior – we outsource our duty. This is why the Pro-Life movement exists. Because the church has refused to stand up for its preborn neighbor the way it should. In the church’s absence, Pro-Life fundraising groups rose up. That way the Christians in the church can pay someone else to fight abortion, they can go to a Pro-Life event once a year, collect some loose change to donate to the local pregnancy center, and they feel as though they have done what is required of them.

The whole reason that laws that allow for babies to be butchered even exist is because we as Christians have not acted as we should have acted. Abortion can only thrive in a nation where Christians do not follow their Christ – or in a nation that does not have enough Christians. Both apply to America today.

This address has been filled with gloom. It has been judgmental and harsh. In it I have compared Modern-day America to the Soviet Union. In it I have condemned the Pro-Life fundraising organizations, and called Pro-Lifers naive. I have referred to the highest court in the land as trash, and called those who respect its unjust opinions idolaters. I have said that we are liars, that many Christians do not follow Christ, and that the churches in America have abandoned their duty before God.

Why do I say all this? To abuse and condemn well meaning Pro-Lifers?

No, I say this all because it is true. And I say it all because there is an antidote to the sickness we find in our nation.

Solzhenitsyn pleaded with his countrymen to speak the truth. He said that the simple act of speaking the truth, multiplied 10 thousand times over, would be the first step to healing the land.

I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment, but the truth being spoken must be a result of the one thing that will bring healing to the putrefying sores before us: Repentance.

We must all repent. Yes, abortion truly is murder. It is sin. It is a national sin for which we all must repent. While there are many institutions and people who share blame for this holocaust in our nation, in the end there is no one to blame but ourselves.

We elect leaders who fear losing their power in the next election much more than they fear God and His Law. We perpetuate abortion because we refuse to treat abortion for what it truly is: the murder of an image bearer of God. We can no longer pretend that the widespread practice of child sacrifice and rebellion against God in our nation is the fault of the Supreme Court, abortion providers, pregnant teens, a political party, or anyone else. We have the power to abolish abortion, but we choose not to.

We are responsible.

We must all repent. To repent is to see the wrong in something and to turn away from it.

And so:

Those who have chosen to murder their children must repent and find their peace and purpose in Jesus Christ, the King.

Those who have been apathetic about death of the preborn must repent and follow Christ’s commands to love their neighbors.

Those who have supported laws that pervert justice and prolong the murder of the preborn must repent and call for the immediate and total abolition of abortion.

Those who have bowed down before institutions of men and respected their commands more than God’s must repent.

Those politicians who use the preborn as political footballs and care more about being elected than they do about their duty to defend their preborn neighbors must repent.

It is when we repent as individuals that we can see the holocaust for what it is, take responsibility for our action and inaction, and change our lives so that we no longer live in denial or apathy. It is when we repent that we no longer try to justify ourselves. It is when we repent that we follow Christ as Lord and as King.

And so there is hope.This is not a message of doom, but of hope. Repent with us. We must live in repentance daily. We must seek God daily. We must keep ourselves humble before Him, remembering that without Him we are lost.

Repentance is the antidote to the sickness of the Pro-Life Movement.

And so I invite you: do not be Pro-Life. Be an abolitionist. Do not just hold a moral position, but take moral action because you know and love Christ. Actively work for the total and immediate abolition of abortion, and repent of all those things we have done to allow it.

Unite under the banner of Christ the King. Rise up and awaken. Through God’s power, grace, and mercy, we will abolish human abortion.