You believe abortion should be legal?


Abortion is the murder, the sacrifice of tiny neighbors who have not yet been born. This is the definition. This great atrocity must be abolished. Rich or poor, black or white, wanted or unwanted, convenient or inconvenient, every child murdered by abortion is your neighbor.

Can your defend your position in favor of this? Rare is the pro-choicer who ever advances the argument beyond mere sloganizing and emotionalism. Don’t be like that. This is a serious issue, and their are serious rebuttals. We dare you to advance the debate and set yourself apart from the vast majority of people.

While there are many arguments in favor of so called “abortion rights,” all of them are false. All of them are based upon bad reasoning, selfish logic, bad science, ignorance, and hate.

We seek to convince you of this fact so that you may repent and begin to learn to do good, hate that which is evil, serve the God who created you, love mercy, and do justice.